Teacher Bios




TT School Director — Ashley K. +

Ashley is a 10 + year certified (E-RYT) Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has a passion for music, vibrational and spiritual flow. Ashley incorporates a fusion of vinyasa, kundalini and pranayama into many of her classes. She is certified in advanced power vinyasa, yin yoga, hot power fusion, yoga sculpt, SCW Ballet Barre and RealRyder indoor cycling. Ashley is the Senior Manager, Fitness in Destination Kohler for Yoga on the Lake, Bold Cycle and Press + Chill. Ashley is the Yoga on the Lake school director for the 200-Hour Yoga Alliance vinyasa and hot yoga fusion teacher trainings.


Studio Manager and TT Lead — Kristie S. +

Kristie started her yoga journey in 2011, when after 15 years of dancing she still needed an outlet for movement. Yoga fulfilled the initial need of athletic movement and soon morphed into a life-changing practice. Having dealt with bouts of depression and anxiety for many years, yoga brought an unexpected sense of calm to her life through the use of breath, movement, acceptance and enjoying the moment you’re in. Kristie is a 200-Hour E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, trained in the style of vinyasa flow. In her classes you’ll focus on bringing awareness and acceptance to where you are–in your body, breath and in life. Playing with your edge, both mentally and physically, and having fun along the way. Kristie is also a certified prenatal yoga instructor.




Carrie G. +

As a lifelong athlete, Carrie has always enjoyed pushing her body and spirit to the edge. This edge found a deeper challenge when she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005, just a year after her youngest daughter was born. Through four years of chemotherapy, she completed two marathons and began her training as a yoga instructor. Carrie completed 500 hours of teacher training and continues to challenge limits while finding peace through whatever life holds both on and off the mat. She works with people of all ages and abilities in teaching a playful, empowering and challenging power yoga class.


Jo G. +

Jo teaches a potent physical yoga practice that is both empowering and mindful. Her power vinyasa flow uses breath as the main tool for transformation in the body and mind by sparking creativity, awakening confidence and discovering new possibilities in one's practice through her guidance. With E-RYT 200 RYT 500 YACEP certifications, over 14 years of teaching and a lifetime yoga practicioner, Jo incorporates yoga philosophy and life lessons into every class. She is well-known for her signature yin class which creates new space in the body and mind, always encouraging others to explore what is waiting around the next breath.


Greg C. +

Greg is a 200-Hour (E-RYT) instructor who enjoys the practice for both its physical and mental challenges. He has found that a yoga-like life requires balance, a strong work ethic and an open perspective. Greg teaches dynamic flow that allows students to grow and challenge themselves at their own pace. He is a 200-Hour power teacher training lead. Greg graduated from Columbia College and loves pizza.


Alex B. +

Alex began practicing yoga in 2003, after the birth of her daughter, with the intention of becoming a more calm and centered mom. She received her first 200-Hour yoga teacher training in 2007, and she has since taken over 200 additional hours of study in the Anusara tradition. Alex’s teaching style is a dynamic blend of alignment-based hatha yoga and flowing sequences. She loves to throw in some chanting and Hindu mythology as well. As her own practice has become more meditative and spiritual, so has her teaching.


August R. +

Sometimes irreverent but always soulful, August leads class with an open heart and breath first. He began practicing yoga in his mid-twenties, and by his early thirties he started the teacher training. His love for yoga, mantra, music and singing Kirtan keeps him studying and travelling to studios and yoga festivals to learn more and stay fresh. Coming from an Ashtanga background, he's comfortable teaching vinyasa, yin, gentle, chair, and restorative styles. Attuned to student’s signals, August strives to make everyone feel comfortable in both group and one-on-one private classes.




Jessica W. +

A yoga teacher since 2008, Jessica holds multiple teaching certifications, including her 200-Hour RYT, and she is also a trained phlebotomist, certified nursing assistant and medical assistant. She loves being a student and strives to learn and grow in each class she takes and teaches. She believes that yoga can change and heal not only the body but also the soul. Her classes focus on the proper alignment of the physical postures, but she also encourage students to delve a bit deeper into themselves and explore a more spiritual experience of yoga.


Elise O. +

Elise is a 200-Hour RY who started practicing yoga at 40 years old, planning to improve her physical strength, balance and flexibility. Elise rediscovered the joy of being a student—challenged to observe, question and grow. She seeks to reflect her appreciation for the yoga community through her teaching. Elise is a mom of three amazing boys, a wife to her best friend and a physician to patients who teach her something new every day.


Katie H. +

Having completed her 200-Hour YTT certification, Katie brings her love of movement to every class. With a background in dance, Katie integrates creative flowing sequences in the classes she teaches. The addition of music to enhance the blend of movement, stillness and breath are a cornerstone to her practice. Carrying energy in different places, holding tension willingly or unwillingly, and simply taking the time to address her own awareness drives her passion for yoga. Teaching has always been an incredible source of joy, and after the addition of two children, it is an even more essential part of her life.


Erika P. +

After a lifetime of movement and dance, Erika began her journey with yoga in 2012. Her life changed through this practice, and she has not only noticed profound physical effects, but deep spiritual and emotional healing. Erika began sharing yoga with others in 2016 after completing her 200-Hour yoga teacher training at Yoga on the Lake. Through her teaching she incorporates a passion for community, tradition, movement and sound. In addition to being a yogi, Erika is also a mother, wife and nature lover.


Jackie W. +

Jackie started on her yoga journey about seven years ago to complement her running, and she soon discovered the life-changing aspects it offered in conjunction with the physical benefits. She found that her yoga practice helped her balance and strengthen her life outside of the studio, which made her interested in deepening her practice through teacher training. She is a 200-Hour registered yoga teacher, trained in vinyasa flow through Yoga on the Lake. Her classes focus on helping students find their inner strength physically and mindfully through creative movement.


Christine G. +

With a strong background in exercise and fitness, including a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, Christine applies her knowledge of physical body systems to her vinyasa, hot yoga fusion and gentle yoga classes. Christine is also certified as an ACSM registered clinical exercise physiologist, Madd Dogg spinning instructor, registered yoga teacher, CPR/AED and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. She has been teaching spinning since 2002 and yoga since 2006. Her hobbies include cooking, working out, traveling and spending time with pet birds and her husband.


Jana A. +

As she has grown in her practice of vinyasa-style yoga, the idea of sharing the benefits of yoga with others sparked a desire within her to teach. Diagnosed with Young-Onset Parkinson’s disease in 2015, Jana has found maintaining a regular yoga practice to be more effective at controlling her symptoms and slowing the progression of the illness than any existing medications (and she has tried many). She is a huge advocate of making yoga accessible to everyone of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.


Tia C. +

Tia embarked on the yogic path when she was 16 years old and has since continued to practice and study globally. Now a 500-Hour teacher, she received her 200-Hour in Bali and 300-Hour in the Tantric Himalayan tradition of India. Tia shares the teachings of yoga with clarity and heart, empowering others to achieve their fullest potential while stitching the inner and outer realms of thought and manifestation together as a means toward integration and wholeness. She seeks to tread the earth lightly, in a constant exchange with the people and places she meets along the way.


Allison W. +

Allison joined the Yoga on the Lake family in 2019 as a recent 200-Hour RYT graduate. Her yoga journey initially started with the physical connection and then grew to a more meditative and spiritual space. This practice has brought great happiness and joy into her life, and she looks forward to sharing this energy with others. Allison enjoys surrounding herself with plants and the great outdoors.


Megan D. +

Dabbling off and on with yoga since college, Megan established a regular practice in 2011 when she realized the mental and spiritual exploration found through yoga helped her become a better mother, wife and friend. It has been a transformative practice in her life, and she hopes to help her students discover this as well. Committed to keeping yoga accessible, but challenging to all, she seeks to meet students where they are in their own unique journey. Megan is a 200-Hour RYT, and she received her certification from Yoga on the Lake in 2016 with a focus in power vinyasa.


Meggan S. +

Meggan began practicing yoga in her late teen years, and in her twenties she found a great teacher that broadened her yoga practice. After the birth of her daughter, she decided to achieve her longtime goal and completed her 200-Hour RYT. As an avid runner, Meggan likes to incorporate yoga into her training as it relaxes the tight hamstrings many runners have and builds overall body strength. Meggan likes poses that incorporate strength, balance and core work into a yoga class. She also likes to counter class with setting intentions and nurturing the mind, body and spirit with meditation.


Robyn D. +

Robyn received her 200-Hour YTT in 2012 and most recently completed the yogi empowerment program at Yoga on the Lake. Robyn is also a certified health coach. She has an overall passion for wellness and enjoys helping others embrace their wellness journey. Robyn teaches ashtanga-inspired vinyasa flow with a focus on asana (posture-building) and pranayama (breath work). For Robyn, yoga has brought balance, strength, flexibility, pain relief and emotional stability. She believes yoga can help individuals achieve the best version of themselves both physically and emotionally.


Erin S. +

Erin believes the true practice of yoga occurs in our daily interactions and through a personal journey of self-realization. Yoga has been a vehicle for transformation in Erin's life and, through teaching, she guides students to a deeper meaning and synchronicities both on and off the yoga mat. Erin is 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga on the Lake and is recognized by Yoga Alliance. Erin also holds a bachelor degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling.


Stacy H. +

Over her 20 years of practice, yoga has helped Stacy to be fearless, grace-filled and present through life’s changes. Yoga and meditation have been instrumental in her recovery from cancer. Stacy shares the experience of kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She is a KRI-certified instructor and 200-Hour RYT certified with Yoga Alliance. Stacy encourages each person to nurture his or her body and to develop an awareness of themselves through their own practice. She hopes that you will step off the mat feeling empowered, refreshed, nourished and balanced.


Caliey W. +

Caliey is currently a full-time student at UW–La Crosse who is studying psychology and loves every minute spent in the yoga studio and on her mat. As she experiences more as a student and teacher, her practice evolves more and more with each session. She found that her practice helps her become more balanced and stronger in all aspects of life. She completed her 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow at Yoga on the Lake in Kohler, Wisc.


Stephanie H. +

Stephanie began her yoga practice 12 years ago while she was in beauty school, where she discovered a passion for combining yoga, Ayurveda and well-being with her career in cosmetology. Since then, she has expanded her practice to teaching and completed her 200-hour training at Yoga on the Lake in 2017, a decision that has enriched her life in innumerable ways. Shortly after, she began teaching studio classes as well as facilitating private sessions and group events at LODGE KOHLER® in Green Bay.




Lauren H. +

After teaching a variety of fitness classes since 2009, Lauren made her way to Yoga on the Lake and fell in love with the soul sculpt format. She completed her instructor certification in January 2017 and set the tone for heat and hard work. When she’s not teaching soul sculpt, she’s managing Yoga on the Lake’s sister studio Bold Cycle. She is passionate about balancing high-intensity cardio with the strength you will find in stillness through the different yoga postures and sequences. Lauren lives in the Village of Kohler with her husband and their two crazy boys.


Sara S. +

Sara has taught a variety of group fitness classes since 1997 and completed the soul sculpt intensive training course at Yoga on the Lake. With a bachelor’s degree in health promotion/wellness and a master’s degree in public health, she wants to inspire people to work out smarter, not necessarily harder. She loves combining her love of yoga with strength training in soul sculpt and believes that wellness is finding the balance that makes you your best self. In her free time, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cycling, reading, traveling and being outdoors.


Teri S. +

Teri joined the soul sculpt team in 2015 with a passion for helping others live their best life and a strong interest in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Her goal each week is to put together a well-thought-out, full-body workout that can be modified to be challenging yet attainable for all fitness levels in a fun, community-based environment. Teri firmly believes that fitness should enhance your life and make living your best life possible for everyone.


Layne H. +

Layne is a recent college graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After a year of attending soul sculpt classes, she took the next steps to become an instructor at Yoga on the Lake. Layne's classes are full of positive energy and good tunes. In her free time, Layne enjoys being active with friends, taking a winery or brewery tour and walking her fur baby.


Laura M. +

Laura has found that yoga allows her to unveil her mind to focus on the present and appreciate her body and soul. Laura made the transition from student to instructor because she has a passion for making others aware of the importance of self care. Her soul sculpt classes help students find courage, strength, love and compassion—all to an uplifting beat. She also has ten years of experience teaching group dance fitness and works at a local hospital in the department of surgery. Laura enjoys spending time with her husband and their two young girls, cooking healthy meals, decorating her home and anything active outdoors.


Charity W. +

Charity obtained her kinesiology degree in 2008 from the University of WI–Oshkosh and has since completed certifications as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and, most recently, Soul Sculpt teacher at Yoga on the Lake. The high intensity and contagious, positive energy of the Soul Sculpt format is what attracted Charity to move from student to teacher. She looks forward to helping students dig deeper into yoga practice and achieve their personal fitness goals.


Brooke S. +

Brooke obtained her Kinesiology degree in 2008 from University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, and her master’s degree in healthcare administration from Silver Lake College. She has 15 years of experience teaching group exercise classes and most recently completed her Soul Sculpt teacher training at Yoga on the Lake. Teaching Soul Sculpt allows Brooke to bring together yoga and high-intensity cardio to help people push past their limits and yet enjoy the stillness and breath of each class.


Tyra G. +

Bio coming.




Kate E. +

Kate's passion lies with combining fitness and music to make working out fun and enjoyable. She wants all to feel welcome in her classes and encourages people to listen to their body while challenging themselves every time they step into the studio. Trained in Barre, Les Mills BODYPUMP and Zumba, Kate has taught a variety of group fitness classes since 2013. She obtained her degrees in Education and Mathematics and has worked in a teaching capacity for the last 16 years. In her free time, Kate enjoys spending time with her husband and four kids along with reading and completing DIY house projects.


Katie D. +

After living in Michigan for seven years, Katie and her husband moved back to Wisconsin, where they grew up, to be closer to family. Passionate about working out and living a healthy lifestyle and with encouragement from close friends, Katie became Barre-certified and completed hands-on Barre intensity training in Chicago, Ill. Katie and her husband both enjoy golf and travel.


Kristi F. +

Kristi is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified group fitness instructor trained in many types of dance, Barre, Zumba, Strong by Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D., soul sculpt and more. She has been dancing, teaching children's theater dance, coaching dance and cheer teams and teaching fitness classes for over 30 years. She lives in Kohler, Wisconsin, with her husband and three children, and she has a passion for natural living and cooking. With a firm belief that fitness should be fun and not a chore, she encourages others to seek out physical activities that they are passionate about and enjoy.


Amber W. +

Bio coming.