Class Formats


Learn the basics of yoga in a safe and fun way. Focus on proper alignment, safe movement and modifications for all levels of fitness. This is a great class for seniors, those brand new to yoga and anyone wanting a refresher in the basics.


This is a set-sequenced vinyasa class geared for the beginning practitioner. Set to inspiring music, explore fundamental alignment principles and postures. This class is a gentle approach to V1, limited to no chaturangas in this practice.


This is an open-formatted vinyasa class geared toward all levels. Some yoga experience is recommended, though the instructor will give options for modifications to various postures. This class will strengthen, detoxify and invigorate your body, mind and spirit.

V1-2 HOT Room temperature is 98 to 100 degrees.


This is an open-formatted vinyasa class geared for the more experienced practitioner. This high-energy flow class will incorporate arm balances, inversions and more advanced postures. This is a vigorous class focused on building your core strength and endurance.

 V2 HOT Room temperature is 98 to 100 degrees.


This is a soothing restorative class with the focus on breath and alignment. The practice may include supported yoga poses using props that open the body while slowing down the mind. The result is relaxation, greater mental clarity, improved alignment and physical freedom.


Join Yoga on the Lake instructors for a unique yoga experience on our Outdoor Yoga Platform May – October.

The class meets at 7am at the Blackwolf Run Golf Course Clubhouse. Instructors will lead a calming 10-minute walk through the woods to the outdoor yoga platform. The perfect way to disconnect from your everyday life and reconnect with yourself.

Immersed in nature while connecting to mind, body, and spirit this class is an All Levels Vinyasa Flow.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Limited supply of yoga mats available - please bring your own if you're able.


A yoga class perfect for yogis & athletes alike looking for active recovery. Physical postures along with the use of foam rollers and other props will open up the body helping aid in flexibility, reducing soreness, and eliminating muscle tension.


The yin practice consists of long, deep stretches that target not only muscular tissue but also the connective tissue of the body (ligaments, tendons and bone). Much of the practice is mental and requires the use of breath to relax the mind and the body to allow the asanas to be held for a longer period of time. Yin yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat. This practice is suitable for all levels of students.


Join Kristie every Saturday for pre/postnatal yoga. With strong, yet gentle, movement, we strive to guide you through a safe prenatal yoga practice. This practice allows you to acknowledge and learn about the physical changes happening in your body throughout pregnancy, but it also connects you to the strength of breath, all while preparing you mentally and physically for the demands of labor and beyond.

Classes will range from strength to restorative depending on the needs of the class. All levels and any stage of pregnancy are welcome.


Join us weekly for a free twenty-minute guided meditation.


Hot Yoga Fusion is a set-sequenced hot class geared for all-level practitioners. Sequence includes static and flow postures from a standard hot yoga practice, a slower pace with no chaturangas. Room temperature is heated to 99 to 105 degrees.


A high-intensity yoga class that incorporates hand weights and cardio bursts to burn calories and build lean muscle mass to strengthen your yoga practice. Soul Sculpt is geared for the “gym-focused” yogi who loves to sweat, build endurance, strengthen muscles and jam to high-energy music. Previous yoga experience is strongly recommended. Room temperature is 98 to 100 degrees. 60 min (express 45min).


Empowering open-formatted yoga- barre class designed for all level practitioners. Ballet barre is used to sculpt the body, build abdominal strength and increase your muscle flexibility. Barre socks are optional and sold in our boutique.

Barre Hot Room temperature is 95 to 98 degrees.